How It all began – Amata liquid water enhancer

Hello, from the Amata Team! Like many of you out there we go through periods that we eat and drink what looks and tastes good just to end up not feeling comfortable about the weight we had gained over the months. So, we go back on that diet and assure ourselves we will eat better and stay on top of eating good. But, after some time we find ourselves with those extra pounds again. (sigh) This is what we humans call cyclical dieting. Curse the donuts and cake, they did it again. LOL!!! We wish we could tell you we discovered the silver bullet but we didn’t, you just have to adopt that healthy eating lifestyle and learn to live it. Instead, what we can offer is a tool in the fight. That tool is Amata, a low calorie, low carb water additive that can at least help arrest that sweet craving you have during your new healthy lifestyle.

Water can be boring and there a plethora of sweetened drinks out there. Most flavored drinks contain some type of high glycemic sweetener, in the same class as sugar, and if you are eating healthy, you certainly want to avoid these calorie and carb laden ingredients. In the class of diet drinks artificial sweeteners are mostly used such as sucralose and in sodas the most common sweetener is aspartame. Some artificial sweeteners have been accused of leading to cancer. Another category is sugar alcohols. In small amounts, they seem to be safe but if you ingest too much you can expect gastrointestinal discomfort. We chose monk fruit to be the main sweetner. Not only is it natural it is low glycemic meaning it won’t affect your blood sugar. One taste of organic monk fruit extract and we were hooked. It didn’t take long for us to start playing around to find just the right balance of sweetener and flavor and once we did – The Original Monk Fruit Company was born. Our first product, Amata, is sweetened with organic monk fruit and infused with natural electrolytes for hydration and B Vitamins for natural energy. It is truly a healthy water enhancer with a sweet, enjoyable taste.

Amata Monk fruit Water Enhancer

our mission

To make life a little sweeter by delivering a natural, low glycemic, sweetened alternative product to sugar laden, high glycemic, or artificial sweetened water enhancer products.