Amata Founder

Tim Legler

Amata Founder

In 2019 the founder was trying to find a beverage that did not contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose, Unfortunately, this ruled out many diet sodas and other diet drinks. The founder also wanted to avoid high-glycemic and sugar-laden products because they’re unhealthy. Sugar alcohols, which often end in “ol,” caused gastrointestinal discomfort, so they weren’t an option either. After some research, the founder discovered a new natural sweetener called Stevia but was unhappy with its taste profile. However, the founder didn’t give up and continued searching for an alternative sweetener and found monk fruit. This led them to discover Amata, and after two years of development, Amata was introduced to the market.

However, fast forward to 2022, and drought in the monk fruit crop caused the cost of monk fruit to skyrocket. This forced the founder to search for a more cost-effective natural sweetener solution. The Original Monk Fruit Company researched several products and found a brand-new stevia that was pure sweetness and incorporated that brand into the Amata product. To be completely honest, we think the combination of monk fruit and stevia tastes even better than monk fruit-only, and we are excited to share this new blend with you.

At Amatahealth, we take pride in continuously improving our products. We understand the importance of providing healthy and delicious options for our customers. We believe that by combining the best of both worlds, we have created a truly exceptional product. Our new blend of monk fruit and stevia is not only more cost-effective, but it also offers a truly unmatched taste profile.
We hope you enjoy the new and improved Amata, made with the highest quality monk fruit ingredients and the utmost care. As always, our commitment to providing you with healthy and delicious options remains at the forefront of everything we do.

Thank you for choosing Amata, and we look forward to serving you in the future and providing the best natural sweetener in the market.

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